Do we want better security? Computer security is a serious concern: people are storing more valuable data on computers and they are using them more often to conduct business. Given the amount of malware and viruses, and fraud and identity theft, it would seem that people would be serious about protecting themselves and would make stronger demands on the technology they use.

But, it is not just computers which determine the security of data, it is also the people who use the computers. And people like bargains, of which, the Internet has many. Many of these bargains come from completely unknown websites offering to save just a couple dollars more than, e.g., Amazon. These companies are not as big as Amazon, so it is not due to volume that they can offer greater savings. It may be due to less rigorous security standards. Sure, you can see that the connection is encrypt, but how is the data stored? The savings come at a cost: an increased risk. And these companies have something else over Amazon: they don't need a reputation; they can just set up shop under a different name.