I read a fair amount of computer science publications. I don't like to read such documents online as I am unable to flip through them, mark them up or comfortably read them in a reclining chair, sitting on the sofa or in bed. So, I print them out. I print two pages per side, double sided but it still adds up: I have a stack of print outs next to me a good 5cm thick.

Today I received in the mail a copy of Henry Levy's Capability-Based Systems. It's also available online and I've print it out but I haven't managed to get through it completely yet. The book took 6 weeks to come--it's out of print and I had to order it from a used book seller in US: the postage was twice the price of the book ($5).

It's a beautiful book: a library discard. It's solid and has a nice heft to it. It has a hard cover and a good binding. It's worn and even has the occasional note from some reader. (I consider this added value.) The loan card is still inside: someone borrowed in 1985. I don't think the word capability was in my vocabulary at that time. It will be a good book to read; it will definitely be more pleasurable in this form than as a print out. I don't think books will be going away anytime soon.