I've finished an initial port of Woodchuck to Harmattan. To get it, you need to manually add the source repository: Harmattan's application manager does not support .install files. Add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hssl.list:

deb http://hssl.cs.jhu.edu/~neal/woodchuck harmattan harmattan

Then, run apt-get update.

The following packages are available: the Woodchuck server (package: murmeltier), the Python bindings (package: pywoodchuck) and the Glib-based C bindings (libgwoodchuck and libgwoodchuck-dev).

smart-storage-logger, the software for the user behavior study, has not yet been ported: I'm still trying to figure aegis out.

If you are interested in adding Woodchuck support to your software, see the HOWTO and the documentation. You can also email me or visit #woodchuck on irc.freenode.net (my nick is neal).